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Aleppo-soap: a multitalent from head to toe ...

Aleppo soap is the prototype of all body soaps. In more than 1200 years it has demonstrated its many diverse areas of application:

  • for a mild cleansing of the face-it keeps the skin soft and supple
  • for a mild cleansing of the whole body. It has a refreshing, strengthening and deodorant effect on the skin
  • for the daily washing of oneĀ“s hair. It strengthenes the skin of the scalp and prevents dandruff
  • for a daily shave. As a shaving soap it is perfectly suitable even for sensitive skin
  • for cleansing and felting of cotton (pure olive oil-soap)
  • as a soap for leather - natural leather as well as coloured leather (pure olive oil-soap)

Laurel Soap
Stored between the clothes in the wardrobe, laurel soap exudes its pleasant flavour which also keeps moths away.

It is perfectly suitable for the washing of and removing stains from even the most delicate materials.

In case of an insect bite it helps to rub the affected part of the skin with a piece of almost dry soap.

Here some basic information appertaining to all solid soaps:
After each application the soap should be stored in a dry place to guarantee maximum utility.


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