Original Aleppo-Soap

The FINigrana®-Aleppo-Soap is produced in the Syrian metropolis Aleppo, a 1200-year-old, high-quality, natural processing being used. Its long success story is due to its quality features:

  • gentle production

  • purely herbal ingredients

  • contains vitamin E

  • antiseptic

  • highest productivity

  • without preservatives

  • bio-degradable

  • dermatologically tested

  • for all skin types

  • no animal experiments

Aleppo-Soap: A success story lasting for centuries
Aleppo is presumed to be the place where the solid soap we know today was invented. The technique for soap making was developed here in the 7th century AD

The Secret behind the Success: A Gentle SaponificationT
The traditional production process and the usage of high-quality, purely herbal raw materials (pure olive and laurel oil) allow for its outstanding quality. The soap is cooked until the saponification process is finished (unlike industrial soap produced with hot water vapour). After cooling off, the soap is cut by hand, stamped and stacked till its final maturation. In this process, a highly compressed soap essence is produced.
The soap, if not being used, can be dryly stored for decades afterwards without losing its quality.

Olive and Laurel oil: The Ingenious Complement

The olive oil cleanses the skin, simultaneously providing for regreasing. The laurel oil makes for the pleasant scent and is antiseptic. Thanks to its mildness, Aleppo Soap is suitable for every skin type. The natural, herbal ingredients effectuate outstanding care. The contained vitamin E supports the skin renewal…

FINigrana®-Aleppo-Soap: Committed to the Quality of the Original
Based on respect for one of the world's oldest and best skin care products with the highest skin compatibility, FINigrana® makes a contribution to preserving the quality and the processing of the original product. Our customers can trust in getting the highest quality.
Much time and personal dedication allowed for the cooperation with the soap makers in Aleppo, the examination of the production process and the continuous quality assurance process of the product features

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