Finigrana® - The Glass Nail File

Highly durable filing surface

Gentle and effective application

Prevents brittle nails

The application seals the nails

Easy to clean with water

Sterilisable up to 180°


The extremely fine granulation of our glass nail file ensures a particulary gentle and even abrasion.
Unlike usual nail files, the grinding surface and the body of the file are made of the same material.
With its highly effective grinding, our glass nail file is suitable for the shorteninng of nails and for the finishing touch alike.
Due to the special tempered glass, the glass nail file does not wear off and the grinding surface is highly durable. The Finigrana Nail Files can easily be cleaned with water and are sterilisable up to 180°.
There are different versions of the Finigrana - Nail File you can choose from:

  • with a transparent handle
  • with a coloured handle
  • handle with colour gradient
  • handle with Swarovski-decor
  • handle with your own logo

REM* Photo by Fraunhofer-Institut: Finigrana - Glass Nail File.
* scanning electron microscope

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