Finigrana Olive-Cream soft

Finigrana Olive-Cream, soft

is a very pleasent skin care composition, consisting of organic Shea - Butter and organic Olive Oil, ideal for daily skin care of face and body. Precious ingredients nourish and protect skin specifically against dehydration.
Shea - Butter regulates naturally moisture of skin, is calming, sleeking and lipid balancing.
Both components contain Vitamin E, which ameliorate elasticity of skin and minimize wrinkle formation. Finigrana Olive-Cream soft cares and soothes. Contained antioxidants stimulate cellular regeneration. Olive-Cream soft increased noticeably resiliance of skin, care for a vital complexion, make dry skin soft and smooth.
For optimal effectivity, benefit from moisture after bath or shower. Simply apply cosmetic oil or body butter on wet or humid skin, massage into skin, directly an emulsion accrues and skin absorbs very well.

Olive-Cream, soft use daily several times on desired skin areas. after demand.

Ingredients are 100% organic Shea-Butter, Olive Oil
INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii, Olea Europaea Fruitoil

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