100% organic Cocoa Butter

Cocoabutter has a lightly yellow colour and an aromatically smell of cocoa. The cocoabutter is made from cocoa beans grown in the Dominican Republic.
The cleaned and roasted Cocoabeans are cracked to remove the shells. Further the benas are pressed to get out the cocoabutter.

FINigrana® Bio-Cocoabutter is very good to dry and itchy skin.
Cocoabutter melts by skin contact and is well known for its softening, moisturising and conditioning properties.
Organic Cocoabutter helps to recover the skin and helps to make it supple and smooth.
For that reason you can find cocoabutter in anti-aging products and lip slaves.
Also very good to prevent and reduce strech marks during and after pregnancy.

Organic Cocoabuttern is also used to make Massagebars, Bathpralines, Bodybutter , Lip salves and more…

The FINigrana Cocoa-Butter is "certified Natural Cosmetics" by BDIH

FINigrana Cocoa-Butter is produced without any animal tests.

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