100% organic Shea Butter

FINigrana® - Organic Shea
Shea butter „butyrospermum parkii” organically grown

Finigrana® Shea-Burkina has a high ratio of unsaponifiable component parts and effects hygroscopical. Thereby arises a sleeking effect, skin becomes elastic and smooth, so skin folds can be prevented
Finigrana® Shea is manufactured by handiwork of the fruits kernel “Shea-Nuts” of the African Karité-Tree „Vitellaria Paradoxa“. Precious ingredients and high part of unsaponifiable components qualified Shea for excellent skincare.
Traditional “Beurre de Karité” is produced by women, so Shea Butter is named also “Women’s Gold “.

The FINigrana Shea-Butter is "certified Natural Cosmetics" by BDIH

FINigrana Shea-Butter is produced without any animal tests.

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